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Juvent Traveler Micro-Impact Platform

Juvent Traveler Micro-Impact Platform

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Need to take your Juvent on the road?  No more putting it in a box or suitcase.  We have got you handled with a custom developed Juvent Micro-Impact Platform that can be tucked in the overhead bin.  It is also dust and water resistant.  This amazing designs allows you to just open the case, plug it in and start feeling the benefits of your own Juvent spa right in the airport lobby.  Great for when you are waiting for a connection or about to get on that long haul flight.  

Retractable handle and wheels making it easy to move in airport or aboard your favorite cruise line.

Juvent uses the best Zarges Executive Travel Case K424 XC Aluminum Rolling Transport Case to house your precious Juvent - size 20.31 x 13.78 x 6.26" ID

Discover what many famous athletes and celebrities have been using to travel the world with their Juvents.

* These units are built to order so allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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