• Clinical benefits of Juvent's Micro-Impact platform with a diagram of the inner workings of the platform.

    Clinical Benefits of Juvent's Micro-Impact Platform

  • Differentiating the human health benefits of micro-impact therapy vs. whole body vibration

    Differentiating Human Health Benefits:Micro-Impact vs. Whole Body Vibration

  • Human Health Benefits of Low Magnitude Mechanical Stimulation (LMMS).

    Human Health Benefits of Low Magnitude Mechanical Stimulation (LMMS)

  • Research showing the Juvent micro-impact platform's impact on increasing bone mineral density in pediatric cancer survivors.

    Juvent's Micro-Impact Platform for Increasing Bone Mineral Density in Pediatric Cancer Survivors

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What is the scientific mechanism behind Juvent?


(me-kanotrans-duk-shin) n

Mechanotransduction refers to the process by which mechanical stimuli are transformed into cellular responses. It refers to the conversion of mechanical signals, such as stretch, compression, or fluid flow, into biological signals that result in a physiological response.

This process is essential for the proper functioning of many different tissues, including the skin, bones, and muscles. For example, when we touch an object, the pressure we apply generates a mechanical stimulus that is transformed into an electrical signal by sensory neurons in our skin. These signals are then transmitted to the brain, allowing us to perceive the sensation of touch.

In the body, cells and tissues have specialized structures, such as the cytoskeleton and cell membrane, that are involved in mechanotransduction. These structures can sense mechanical forces and transmit signals to the interior of the cell, where they can trigger a variety of cellular responses, including changes in gene expression, cell division, and differentiation.

Overall, mechanotransduction plays a crucial role in many physiological processes and is an important area of research in the field of biology and medicine. Understanding the mechanisms underlying this process has important implications for the development of new treatments for a variety of diseases, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders.

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Certified Testimonials


Cathy C Family Picture

After a lifetime of downhill snow skiing, biking, swimming, water polo, hiking which continued into my early 50’s, I found myself in my mid-50s with such severe joint pain in shoulders, hips, and right knee (which had an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in my 20’s) that I couldn’t even walk without excruciating pain and sleep had become impossible. 

After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon to see if there were any treatment options to bring some relief, I was recommended to take high dose non-steroidal anti-inflammatories until the pain is unbearable and then knee replacement.  The pain medications did not bring relief and symptoms worsened. 

A month after this consultation, I was tackled by two 75-pound dogs running at full speed making direct impact into my right knee.  MRI revealed the ACL graft destroyed, tear of proximal and mid posterior cruciate ligaments, further injury to what little remained of the menisci, degenerative/arthritic change with chondral loss with subchondral bone marrow edema.   

I was thankful I didn’t fracture my femur or hip with the force I was hit.  Following this injury, I was in even more pain plus marked swelling and instability of the knee.  I was given crutches to use, however, this aggravated the pain in my shoulder.  Severe sleep deprivation caused by the pain left me in deep misery and severe depression. 

My primary care doctor who had a family member get relief using Juvent recommended I try it to see if I might find some improvement.  I can never thank him enough for this suggestion!  With the post-injury swelling and pain, I was not initially able to stand on the Juvent for 20 minutes, so I started with just 5-10 minutes a couple times each day, extending the time as I could tolerate it.   In less than two weeks, I was able to stand for the full 20-minute cycle without any breaks.  I definitely experienced improved sleep within the first 5 days of use.  I cut back in both frequency and dose of pain medication, and after about 5 weeks of using the Juvent 20 minutes/day for 6 days/week, I stopped taking all pain medications.  In addition to getting relief where I was hurting the most (my knee), I was also getting relief in my hip and my shoulder.  I also noticed that the chronic feet and ankle pain that had come with age had diminished.  I also noticed upper and lower leg muscles were less achy.   

Prior to using the Juvent, I was struggling to accept the fact that age had taken a toll on my body after a lifetime of high impact sports compounded by the recent injury.  I would have to navigate as best I could to minimize standing and walking time to avoid excessive swelling and pain.  

It has been three months since initiating Juvent use. I was able to walk a mile this week without pain and not “paying for it “afterward as I had prior to the Juvent. 

Not only have I found tremendous benefit, but my family has also.  My husband (early 60’s) experienced relief in his knees and ankles.  He finished this ski season feeling better than he can remember.  Our daughter who is a figure skater has used it for a tender knee and back strain.  After 1-2 treatments she was completely pain free.  What a gift to not take medications to cope with the pain. 

There are not enough words to adequately express what a life-changer Juvent has been for me and for my family.  Thank you to all who created it and make it available for me to benefit and have in my own home! 

I only wish I knew about Juvent about 10 years ago to help my father with neuropathy, knee pain, and balance in his final years.  I am convinced that he would have had life-changing relief and improved quality of life. 

I thank God for all of you at Juvent!!!               ~ Cathy C., California  

Thanks Juvent! W. A. Brennan, MD

I heard about Juvent from one of it’s developers professionally. When my 65 years started to take it’s toll in form of foot arthritis, I was desperate. A orthopedic foot and ankle specialist offered surgical fusion. That was going to require no weight bearing after surgery for 6 weeks. As a spine surgeon I would have had to put my practice on hold for 6 weeks or longer and that would have been significant damage to the practice. I spoke to the folks at Juvent, and they allowed me to purchase one for my home. About 2-3 weeks into daily use for 20 minutes each day, the foot pain started going down. After 2 months, I was no longer walking with a subtle limp. My surgery that I cancelled was three months ago. I had found something to keep me operating and walking 4000-4500 steps a day with no limp. I’ve reduced my prescription anti-inflammatory down to 1000 mg aspirin in the morning and my daily Juvent treatment. The one time I backed off it for a week, the pain came slowly creeping back. Restarting the Juvent treatments the pain subsided in about a week and things are balanced now. Thanks Juvent!

W. A. Brennan MD - Vanderbilt trained neurosurgeon

First 5K down since 2020! Feeling great! I can’t even put a price on how I feel now!

Evan W.'s journey with Juvent Health is a testament to the transformative power of innovative healthcare solutions. 

After struggling with persistent knee pain for years and facing the discouraging prospect of limited mobility due to surgeries and therapies, Evan's outlook changed dramatically with the introduction of Juvent's revolutionary approach. 
Evan's heartfelt testimonials are an example of Juvent's transformative impact, as he recounts how his life has been changed. Take a look at the most recent email from Evan here:

"Walking was a struggle before I got the juvent. I also had 2 major knee surgeries. On top of that I feel like every joint in my body was falling apart. The pain was stopping me from working out. I went from 165 too 220 over 2 years. Now that I’m back feeling better back to working out Im back to 175!!  My knees don’t don’t pop into place anymore in the morning. I couldn’t bend my knee for two years and now I can. No longer have shoulder pain back pain.  After a couple of weeks on the juvent I was able to go for walks for an hour a day! Now 4 months after using it I’m running everyday, 2 half marathons in the last 2 weeks with no pain after or even a brace! I’m training for a full marathon, almost 300 miles in running since I started to run again. My health took a complete 180 in four months. I almost had to quit my job because of the amount of pain I was in. If I ever leave town, I always bring my Juvent with me. I know you guys can’t say it, but this machine is a miracle worker for me. This machine will help so many people that are in pain like I was in. I was losing hope at 36 years old. I feel like I’m 15 years younger! I hope this helps you! 
P.S I can’t even put a price on how I feel now! "


See what he has to say in other messages:

"No more pain! No more surgery! No more therapy! This is better then I could ever feel I’m back in the gym and I feel like myself again!"

"Great news! So it’s been exactly a little more than a month, and the results I’ve gotten or outstanding! I still wear a brace on my left knee, just as a support and to keep it stable. But I’ve been able to go on walks every single day and not have any pain. I feel like I’m about 85% there being 100% pain-free. Thank you so much! I’ll keep you in the loop next couple of months. I tell everybody about what Juvent has done for me in one simple month. Before I got Juvent I could barely walk to the driveway's end without throbbing pain in my left knee!"

More updates: "What juvent has done for me has changed my life forever! I was told I would never be able to enjoy running again. It was not a very good conversation with my doctor. I could barely walk half a mile without being in pain, it felt like someone was hitting a hot nail in my left knee. It was like that for 2 years!!! Not trying to go too long on this story, but I was able to run 2nd half marathon last week within 2 weeks.

I started my journey back in April. Now that we are in August I’m running about 35-40 miles a week and lifting back at the gym 5 days a week with no back pain training for a full marathon… and I’m in ZERO pain thank you juvent! No more surgeries, no more shots, no more painkillers…life is great! Juvent Health everyone needs to know about this, not even kidding my health took a 180."

Evan W.