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HydroxyBMD2 AM/PM Bone Health Supplement System

HydroxyBMD2 AM/PM Bone Health Supplement System

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You asked and we delivered.  Better product, all capsules, lower price, glass bottle, easy-open top, and more.  The new HydroxyBMD2 System is unique in many ways and allows you and your physician the flexibility to fit the system to YOUR needs. It’s not a one size fits all solution that is so often the only choice.  A new, more affordable price.  Now shipping orders for immediate delivery

 (Refunds are only available for 2-Month supply order.  If you are trying HydroxyBMD for the first time, you may consider purchasing the 2 month supply to start)

A Unique Professional Quality Bone Health System

  • Bonolive, a pharmaceutical-grade olive leaf extract that improved bone and cardiovascular health in clinical studies.
  • A Calcium Free (CF) option(AM only). PM offers a chelated, natural calcium/mineral add-on allows you and your physician to decide how much calcium and minerals are right for you.
  • New Zealand microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC): a complex crystalline compound containing numerous essential trace elements that naturally occur in healthy bone.
  • Chelated Minerals for maximum bioavailability and less likely to cause discomfort.
  • Cytocal RP, a proprietary, multi-amino acid calcium chelate based on Biotron’s mineral processing technology.
  • MK-7 as menaquinone.
  • Whole Food Bamboo Extract (70% Silica) a bioactive form of Silica
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