REMS Echolight Bone Scans for Early Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Radiation Free Bone Density Scans

Juvent has partnered with Echolight, a high-tech biomed company headquartered in Italy, to provide the first diagnostic, non-invasive, radiation free, and office-based solution for a fast and reliable bone density and fracture risk assessment!

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Echolight's REMS bone health scans are often used for the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis. The scans are particularly helpful for women looking to avoid radiation in their childbearing years. This technology will allow patients to safely have several tests per year to access their bone health program's progress.  This is an important improvement for measuring the success of a bone health program.

radiation-free technology for bone density scan





ECHOlight Scan

R.E.M.S.® Technology & Clinical Validation

R.E.M.S.® is an innovative, radiation-free approach to the diagnosis of Osteoporosis and to bone health assessment. It exploits all the spectral features of the native, unfiltered "raw" (RF) signals acquired during an echographic scan to determine the status of internal bone architecture.

The implemented algorithm automatically identifies the target bone interfaces within the sequence of the acquired echographic images, discarding "noisy" acquisitions and artifacts and reducing the dependence on operator experience. The diagnosis is not confounded by the presence of osteoarthritis, scoliosis, or other pathologies leading some experts to prefer it over DEXA.

worldwide patent, accurate reliable, automatic data analysis, quick

The clinical validation of Echolight's technology involved more than tens of thousands of subjects through national and international multicenter studies in collaboration with the most important bone health assessment centers in the world. They were coordinated by an Internal Scientific Committee made up of the most influential Osteoporosis clinical experts worldwide.

Cost of an Echolight Bone Density Scans

Medicare Covered

The scans are covered under Medicare. For all other insurance plans, you will need to contact your provider directly.

or Cash Pay Out of Pocket

Out of pocket, you can expect to pay $400 cash per scan and interpretation.

Echolight Scan Locations

If you're interested in a scan at any of these locations, please contact us

  • XBody Health and Wellness; Wayne, NJ (Dr. Jenny Nazami)
  • Central Carolina Orthopedic Associates; Sanford, NC (Dr. Andrew Bush)
  • StrengthX; Asheville, NC (Dr. Mike Lewen..Chiropractor and Strength Coach)
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis Clinic of Bravos Valley; College Station, TX (Dr. Ricardo Pocurull)
  • Diabetes and Endocrinology Center, University of South Florida; Tampa, FL (Dr. Yevgeniya Kushchayeva)
  • Covenant Health and Wellness; Lubbock, TX (Jackie Devilliers, RN Director of Operations)
  • The SMaRT Institute; Hinsdale, IL ( Dr. Matthew Vogt, Orthopedist and Sports Medicine)
  • Thermography Center of Dallas; Dallas, TX (Dr. Michael Einsohn)
  • Z Solutions LLC; Newtown, PA (Dr. Kimberly Zambito, Orthopedic Surgeon)
  • Rheumatology Associates of Delmarva; Easton, MD (Drs. Ed McLaughlin and Curtis Foy)
  • Anatara Medicine; San Francisco, CA ( Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz)
  • OsteoStrong; Bend, OR ( Anne-Marie Amos, Owner)

For Practitioners - If you who would like to offer this powerful new diagnostic technology to your patients, then give Juvent a call at 423-994-3679 to schedule an appointment and presentation.  It does not require a radiology technician or a shielded room and can be moved from room to room.

Juvent is offering special pricing during this product introduction along with both leasing and financing options.

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Compliance Standards

  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • CE Mark
  • FDA Cleared