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Juvent PRO Micro-Impact Platform

Juvent PRO Micro-Impact Platform

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The Juvent Pro Micro-Impact Platform® has been shown to promote bone health, speed recovery, relieve pain, and enhance your strength.  The platform of choice for individuals who want to maximize their health.  The only difference from the 1000N is the color of the cover.

  • Calibrates frequency to your body’s unique composition (20+ patents)
  • Safe and effective.  32Hz-37Hz, at only 0.3-0.4g’s of energy. 20-minute cycle
  • Up to 280lbs
  • Warm up before workouts and recover faster
  • Promotes balance and stability, enhancing an athlete's strength
  • Feel more energized, to get the most from your workouts
  • Limited Rental and Trial options are available
  • Financing available through AFFIRM or KLARNA
  • Now with a 10-year Limited Warranty.
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