How Does Juvent Work? What is the Scientific Mechanism?

How Does Juvent Work? What is the Scientific Mechanism?

That's a great question. The answer is Mechanotransduction.

Mechanotransduction is the process by which cells directly use mechanical signals (pressure waves) directly or convert them into electrical or chemical signals. It is an essential process in a wide variety of biological functions, from cell migration to tissue regeneration. In recent years, mechanotransduction has been increasingly studied for its potential role in stem cell proliferation and differentiation. The Juvent Micro-Impact Platform is a device that uses low-frequency mechanical pulses (impacts) to stimulate cells and promote the growth of new tissue. In addition, the platform has been shown to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. Mechanotransduction is a promising area of research with the potential to impact a wide range of health conditions.

The image demonstrates one of the processes that are activated by a pressure wave passing over the cell wall membrane.  In an osteocyte, this stretch activated ion channel will allow calcium to enter the cell.

The Juvent Micro-Impact Platform is a great device for those people who want to improve their bone health and lymphatic drainage. This device can help you by delivering low-level vibrations (impacts) to your body.  For example, when you step on a Juvent Micro-Impact Platform, the vibrations stimulate the mechanotransduction process, which sends electrical signals to your brain. Your brain then responds by sending signals to your muscles, which contract and relax in order to absorb the impact of the vibrations. As a result, your bones and muscles are able to adapt and become stronger over time. In addition, mechanotransduction also plays an important role in wound healing and tissue healing. When you injure yourself, the mechanotransduction process helps to send signals to your body that promote healing. Therefore, Juvent Micro-Impact Platform can not only help to improve your bone health and lymphatic drainage, but it can also help you to heal from injuries more quickly.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In the US Juvent’s platform is considered investigational for the treatment of osteoporosis or improvement/maintenance of bone mineral density and our claims have not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA to treat any disease or condition.  Juvent is a unique exercise device.

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