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Compact Workout Stand

Compact Workout Stand

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Juvent Vibration Plate Exercise Platform

Optimize your health and wellness with our premier vibrating exercise plate and corresponding exercise platform from Juvent. The Juvent Compact Workout Platform can work with our clinical vibration plates or separately for a variety of exercises. Whatever you choose, this is your go-to fitness equipment for a more comprehensive exercise.

The Juvent Workout stand allows you to focus energy on the spine and pelvis for optimal energy delivery. It also works with power straps, allowing you to build muscle and cardio health while on your Juvent. A single SPRI powerband is included.

Workout Stand Details

  • Pair with a Juvent 1000N Health Unit
  • 24.5 Lbs. / 11 Kg
  • Length 30in / 76.2cm
  • Width 24in / 60.96cm
  • Height 6.25in / 15.9cm
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Powder-coated for reliable grip
  • Bone white
  • Made in the USA

Please note - the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform is sold separately!

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Compact Workout Platform for the Spine and Pelvis

We are committed to providing solutions designed for optimal energy delivery and bone health improvement. Our vibration exercise plate excels in terms of quality and longevity because of its:

  • Superior material: Every vibrating exercise board is made from aircraft aluminum to ensure excellent yield strength that lasts.
  • Powder-coated platform: The outer layer of the plate provides a reliable grip when doing some sitting or standing exercises. It also promotes a smoother workout.
  • Comes with handles: The platform handles are beneficial during standing workouts while using the provided SPRI powerband.

Boosting Athletic Performance: The Role of Vibration Plate Exercises

The role of a vibration plate is extensive. From improving muscles to stimulating flexibility, the vibrating exercise board workouts are beneficial to your overall health. There are several ways to optimize your fitness journey through the compact workout platform. 

Enhance Muscle Performance 

Use the equipment to activate muscles and improve body strength. While you can use it solely, it's best paired with the vibration fitness machine so the muscles contract faster and more precisely. As such, the equipment is suitable for athletes who want to improve muscle performance.

Complement Traditional Exercise Methods

The vibration exercise plate is highly versatile. It supplements conventional hip workouts. You can also use the resistance workout band to elevate arm exercises. 

Health and Fitness for Older Adults: The Benefits of Vibration Plate Exercise Machines

As we age, our bone density starts to decline. It gets brittle and weaker over time. On the bright side, the scope of vibration plate machines extends beyond athletic performance. The benefits include supporting older adults and those in frailer populations.

Strengthen Bone Health

Vibration plate machines are helpful in improving bone health for all ages, including older adults. More than that, the equipment keeps them in good shape. You just stand on the platform for around 20 minutes, and you can see a significant difference in your overall well-being, including:

  • Improved bone health
  • Reduced joint and back pain
  • Better balance 
  • Healthier blood flow
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Faster recovery

What Should Be the Ideal Frequency for Your Vibration Exercise Machine?

The vibration plate exercise machine is self-calibrating, which means the frequency varies from person to person. Accordingly, the ideal frequency is dependent on the body composition, and this is assessed during the first 12 seconds of stepping on the equipment. Once the highest efficiency is established, the machine locks the frequency and starts the cellular mechanotransduction or the process by which cells capitalize on mechanical signals to transform them into responses. 

Have other questions? Please review our FAQ page for more details.

Improve Health With Juvent

Add our vibration plate with handles to your cart today and get ready to enhance your workout routine. You can also reach out to us for more information about our products.