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British Berkefeld System EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE

British Berkefeld System EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE

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British Berkefeld Gravity-Fed Water Filtration System: A Reliable Solution for Pure Water

From family safety to humanitarian relief, a gravity-fed water filtration system gives utmost importance to clean, safe water. Along with our main products, we feature British Berkefeld® gravity water filters in our collection to promote a healthy lifestyle — whether at home, outdoors or during emergencies. 

Juvent Exclusive Bundle - Both filters include a stainless stand AND visual spigot. An $85 value.

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    Reliable and Cost-Effective Water Filtration

    British Berkefeld gravity water filters create clean, healthy and great-tasting water from almost any fresh water source. Each water filtration system comes with the following:

    • High-grade polished stainless steel: This product is made of durable material for top-notch functionality and longevity.
    • Multiple sizes available: Depending on your preference, you can choose between 8.5 liters and 12 liters. 
    • Standard ceramic water filter cartridges: The product already comes with two ceramic filters that help reduce odor and improve the water taste. The ceramic filter works hand in hand with activated carbon water filters to provide hygienic and refreshing water. 
    • NSF certified: As one of the oldest water purification systems, the British Berkefeld gravity-fed water filtration system meets National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards. 

    Doulton (British Berkefeld) offers a range of water filtration products suitable for all requirements.

    British Berkefeld Vision

    British Berkefeld Vision

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    Choosing the Right Gravity-Fed Water Filter for Your Needs

    There are plenty of gravity and carbon water filters in the market. Each product caters to a specific set of needs. Determine your needs through our guide:

    • Home use: Having clean water at your fingertips means you will be sure to have it when you need it — for drinking and cooking. Save money and live healthier with a gravity-fed water filter instead of buying store-bought plastic bottled water.
    • Outdoor recreation: For situations where there is no reliable pressurized water supply, whether on a campsite or in a holiday cottage, a portable filtration system does wonders for any outdoor adventure. It enables you to have clean, filtered drinking water on tap.
    • Emergency preparedness: British Berkefeld gravity filtration systems are designed for emergency responses and short or long-term humanitarian relief situations. Provide hygienic water in refugee camps, natural disaster zones and community development programs.

    Addressing Common Questions About Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

    Gravity-driven filtration is used for the production of safe drinking water. But how effective is the British Berkefeld water filter? The answer lies in its "Made in Britain" stamp and the NSF certification — an esteemed accreditation for products that comply with strict safety and public health standards.

    Longevity of Gravity Filters: How Long Does a Gravity Filter Last?

    We provide gravity-fed water filtration systems that are high-quality and long-lasting. In addition, the filter candle is reusable for an extended life. With the right usage and maintenance, gravity filters are meant to last for years. 

    Why Choose a Gravity-Fed Water Filter?

    Investing in a gravity water filter can benefit your health and overall wellness. Below are the other reasons why this product deserves to be a part of your home, recreational or humanitarian essentials:

    • Providing safe drinking water to millions of people all over the world
    • Compact and portable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Straightforward instructions and simple maintenance
    • Gravity-fed, no power or mains water supply required
    • Long-life and easy-to-clean filter candles
    • Protection against waterborne disease

    Benefits of Using Gravity-Fed Water Filters for Individuals

    Filtered water offers numerous health benefits, from removing harmful contaminants to ensuring health. Here are the relevant advantages of advanced water filtration methods: 

    • Remove lead and chlorine 
    • Limit the risk of waterborne diseases 
    • Promote hydration 
    • Safeguard overall health
    • Contribute to a better quality of life

    Implementing the British Berkefeld Water Filter in Your Daily Routine

    By choosing filtered water over bottled water, you're not only making a healthier choice but also an eco-friendly one. Start filling the container with untreated water and get sanitary, safe water from the gravity tap. For longevity, make sure to clean the filter candles.

    Ready for Pure Water? Contact Us Now!

    Water is essential to our well-being. More than that, the quality of the water we consume plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Purchase a British Berkefeld gravity-fed water filtration system from Juvent today and ensure you and your family have clean, safe water with every sip. For further inquiries about the product, don't hesitate to contact us here