I am thrilled with my Juvent.  My original need was due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and after about 2 months of consistent daily use, my pain was gone!

I had significant pain and was not able bend my arms.  I was not able to touch my neck, zip up my clothing, style/dry the back of my hair, put on my seatbelt, pick up my yeti, type or do so many things.

After much research I discovered Cryotherapy and it definitely relieved my pain and although I did not enjoy “freezing” I was willing to freeze every other day rather than live with pain.  Then I found out about Juvent;  I thought it was too good to be true, but was willing to try almost anything!  After a month I noticed that I was not experiencing pain when at night when I tried to pull up the blanket or in the morning when I needed to get out of bed.  After a 2nd month of no pain, I looked down at my arm and realized that it was straight!  I could do so much that I had not been able to do and the best part is it was without pain! 

I have continued to consistently use the Juvent Platform and after 11 months, my doctor has reduced my R.A. prescription.  I no longer need to freeze and am still pain free 100% of the time

I purchased a 2nd Juvent for our home in Florida.   I am not the only one that has received a great benefit.  My husband used the Juvent and has found that he feels so much less pain after his physical therapy. 

My daughter-in-law used our Juvent in Florida and then borrowed the one in PA when we went to Florida and she was thrilled with the results.  She had a bad back and said she felt like a 65 year old rather than a 35 year old and was not able to be very active.  Every morning when she woke up she was so stiff and sore, it took her a long time to get out of bed.   After only 2 weeks of consistent use, she said she felt great and in less than 2 months she said she felt like she was 35 again and she no longer needs to visit a chiropractor every week.  Her husband has used it and said he has much better balance with his golf game.” 

Joy D., Sarasota, Florida 

Joy D. doing here hair standing on her Juvent