Juvent vs. Marodyne

The short answer is no.  Not close.  While the old Juvent and Marodyne share a common founder, Clinton Rubin, Ph.D., and Drs. Rubin and McLeod did much of the early work in LMMS which led to the formation of Juvent, Dr. Rubin is not a listed inventor on Juvent’s current platform patents.  This revolutionary design was invented and patented by Titi Trandifir, Roger Talish, and Donald Krompasick, three very talented engineers. Dr. Trandifir consults with Juvent and has overseen our current design and production.  Roger Talish commented that the new Juvent was building the best units he had ever seen.  See the comparison of the designs below.  Notice that Marodyne’s LivMD is very similar to Juvent’s abandoned early design.

Juvent vs. Marodyne

Juvent VS Marodyne LivMD

Note the springs all around the edges on both the early Juvent design and Marodyne’s.  Notice the center actuator on both.  These were key faults of the early Juvent design that was abandoned for the current design (middle).

LivMD’s is based on the earliest Juvent design which is difficult to use.  Its center actuator design forces a user to stand balanced in the center of the platform to assure they receive the correct signal.  Additionally and equally as important, the LivMD design does not find the user’s resonant frequency.  This is a central tenet in the effectiveness of LMMS/Micro-Impact.  Without finding a user’s resonant frequency the small amount of energy (0.3-0.4g) is not sufficient to generate the clinical results seen in all of Juvent’s studies.

Below is a summary of the distinct advantages that Juvent has over Marodyne’s.

From time to time we see internet posts from people and yes even some clinicians who do not understand the important differences between these two technologies.  They say they are the same or that the LivMD is a “newer” design when in fact it is the older, abandoned design, chosen because it did not violate Juvent’s very broad patents.

There are those wrongly claiming that Juvent is not continuing research or hasn’t improved its product.  This is also untrue.  Juvent has made many key improvements to the earlier design and continues to improve our product daily.  We use gold flashing in our motherboards, for instance, to dramatically increase the life of our units.  We have developed an optical switch that has eliminated the switch mat which has improved the efficiency of delivery by as much as 25%.   But one thing that has stayed the same; we have not changed the trademark signal and process that has brought so many users success in the battle over poor bone health and joint pain.  We are committed to this.

There are also those who say that Juvent is charging too much for its product.  Well, the early Juvent went out of business because they charged too little for their units.  We have chosen to keep our manufacturing and assembly here in the U.S. to not only provide jobs to Americans but to also maintain the quality and signal that is so important to giving you the results you expect.  This is not true of our competitors who build with the cheapest suppliers and parts.  The old adages are true.

A Juvent platform is an investment in your and your family’s health.  The difference in the price of $1,000 or $3,000 will soon fade, but the savings of buying a cheap WBV unit or a LivMD device will not fade as you realize that it is not a Juvent and that it does not deliver Juvent’s patented signal.  You become a research subject.

In summary.  Juvent has very strong patents and its device AND software are unique in the industry.  The fact that so many are trying to copy it proves its value and uniqueness.  We frequently test and follow up on claims made by competitors or reps selling cheap knock-offs.  They are not the same, not even close.  It is sad that so many are being misled because their health is at stake.  Stay with a proven product and brand.  We are committed to providing you with an amazing product and technology that has taken many years to perfect.