Introducing Juvent Health Platform


The Benefits of Juvent Health

Juvent’s Passive Skeletal Exercise

Juvent Health’s patented system uses the science of low-magnitude mechanical impulses to safely exercise your bones, muscles, and joints. The Juvent Health Micro-Impact Platform® sends carefully calibrated mechanical energy waves up through your body. These tiny waves gently move your body and increase blood flow, helping bones and joints recover naturally.

For Increased Range of Motion, and Balance

The Juvent Platform’s micro-impacts provide soft, controlled impulses to the musculoskeletal system. Research demonstrates that these micro-impacts can help promote bone health, and potentially manage the effects of osteoporosis. With their increase in range of motion, users report less joint and muscle pain, along with improved balance and stability.

Calibrated Micro-Impacts for Safety

Unlike competitor’s whole body vibration (WBV) “shaker” platforms, The Juvent Micro-Impact Platform® operates at a very low magnitude (less than 0.3G) and gentle, soothing frequency between 32 and 37 Hz, depending on your body composition. Juvent’s patented technology adjusts to your body’s particular composition, finding the ideal frequency. This discreet range makes Juvent  safe. Juvent’s level of energy and frequencies fall safely under OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ISO’s (Int’l Organization for Standardization) guidelines.  This is NOT true of most whole body vibration platforms (WBV).

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