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Greg Mallek: “Instead of surgery, I opted first to give the Juvent a try.”

I am so grateful to have purchased a Juvent. The Juvent micro-impact platform has immeasurably affected my overall health including noted improvement in quality of sleep, balance, overall pain management and competitive athletic performance. After sustaining a complete tear injury of my left medial meniscus during an inline speed skating competition in November of 2015, … Read More »

Damien Leroy’s second chance at life – Juvent Helps in Recovery

Quote – “He highly recommends the Juvent machine, designed by NASA to help with bone growth, and a Biomat he received from Lululemon as priority equipment when rehabbing injuries.” “The good Lord was like, ‘I’m going to break quite a few things up, but spare you. I’m going to smack you around and give you … Read More »

Mike Bryan for Juvent

Mike Bryan – World’s No. 1 Doubles Player

“I use Juvent for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night. I feel stronger, more balanced and more stable – and that’s led to big results on court. Thank you Juvent for helping me be pain free.” – Mike Bryan, World’s No. 1 Doubles Player

Chris Noss for Juvent

Chris Noss – Tour Strength & Conditioning Coach

“In the mornings, we’re using it as performance enhancement. In the evenings, we’re using it as a recovery tool. The rigors of being out on tour, and what they have to go through in terms of keeping their bodies in shape, playing tournament level golf is a whole different animal. These athletes need this type … Read More »