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Greg Mallek: “Instead of surgery, I opted first to give the Juvent a try.”

I am so grateful to have purchased a Juvent.

The Juvent micro-impact platform has immeasurably affected my overall health including noted improvement in quality of sleep, balance, overall pain management and competitive athletic performance.

After sustaining a complete tear injury of my left medial meniscus during an inline speed skating competition in November of 2015, a follow-up MRI confirmed the magnitude of the injury and I was scheduled immediately for surgery.  A second opinion offered the same diagnosis and surgical recommendation.  Instead of surgery, I opted first to give the Juvent a try.

I began a daily treatment program of 20 minutes in the morning and evening.  Even while occasionally missing some treatments here and there I still, after only a few weeks, felt significant pain relief and improved stability in my damaged knee.

In addition, a result I did not anticipate, I noted compete relief from chronic RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), which is particularly pronounced in the sport of speed skating.  Some personal research identified that a specific type of impact, micro-impact, was the key in enhancing the skeletal production of red blood cells, white blood cells, and stem cells as well as anti-inflammation properties and the foundation of my results.

The Juvent micro impact platform produces results which for me directly created the potential for consistent high-intensity training sessions and accelerated recovery, ultimately allowing me to reach my goal of winning a Gold Medal in the World Cup Inline Speedskating competition in March, 2017.

Even after the time I hang up the skates from competition, the Juvent will remain an integral part of my regimen for overall health and well-being.

Greg Mallek, Lakewood Ranch, Florida