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Why Athletes Love Juvent

Daily exercise is great for living a healthy lifestyle but can also take a toll on your body. Second day soreness is definitely real and can sometimes prevent you from training or performing at the best of your ability. While stretching and cool down workouts are ways to recover and prevent injuries they only stretch and attack the muscles. It is important that not only your muscles recover but your bones to as well.

Athletes train hard pushing their bodies to their limits to see big results or win championships and in order to perform at 110% their bodies must take the time to recover. With Juvent our patented technology stimulates the muscles and bones creating faster and more efficient workout recovery. The Micro Impact™ stimulation also improves blood circulation, balance and stability, which are all attributes of great athletes.

Career ending injuries can be devastating. Whether you’re a professional athlete or recreational runner no one wants to quit the activity or sport they love. By standing on the Juvent for only 20 minutes a day athletes have seen a decrease in joint, muscle and limb pain. When your able to play or train pain free everyday your will become a better athlete. With the Juvent Pro Micro-Impact Platform™ your stability and endurance will increase and make your workouts better and longer.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean working out; it’s about promoting wellness for your entire body. The Juvent Pro allows you to feel great on the inside and out but strengthening your bones and muscles. With stronger bones and muscles you will recover faster and become less prone to injuries. With Juvent you will become the athlete you always have admired. Run faster, jump farther and last longer and with the Juvent Pro.

9 comments on “Why Athletes Love Juvent

  1. Unable to exercise regularly due to pain in knees does the juvent help with knee pain as well. Or is it more for sports people or heavy exerciser.

    • Yes, the Juvent is excellent relieving knee pain. Take our 6 week challenge. Nothing to lose but your pain!

  2. My mom is 76 and has endured pain on her feet for many years due to neropathy. Is Juvent effective in relieving that pain as well as rheumatoid arthritis?

    • Sorry to hear about your mom’s pain. Juvent’s technology has helped many people with pain relief. As long as your mom’s physician is ok with the micro-impact then it would be worth trying to see if she gets relief.

    • It is worth a try. The Juvent is very gentle and has proven safe after many years of research and study. Take our 6 week challenge and see if it helps.

  3. My articular cartilage : grade III/IV chondromalacua in the dorsal patella.
    Menus sl tear to the superior and I ferior articular surfaces and inner free edge of the anterior and posterior and mid body of the medial meniscus.
    Moderate sized joint effusion, I had off dancing almost 3 months long and I love dancing .
    so will this jive the pro platform can fix the problem I have now?

    • Susan, thanks for your interest in Juvent. We cannot render a medical opinion but we have had users that have had great success with knee injuries. You can request a copy of our brochure and speak with your physician about using Juvent. You have 6 weeks to evaluate whether you get relief.

    • MS.
      Thanks for your interesting in Juvent. We have many users who have had both hip and knee replacements and are having great results. The Chairman of our Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Hodge, who is a world famous total knee surgeon and inventor has told us that it Juvent can help patient’s new knees to incorporate faster and speed healing.
      As with all exercise, you will want to speak with your physician/surgeon before using a Juvent or any exercise device.

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