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Damien LeRoy in the News – Getting Better Everyday with Juvent!

Damien LeRoy (Billboard I-95 West Palm Beach)

I have a lot to be thankful for. I want to thank St. Mary’s Medical Center, The EMS, trauma team, nurses, family and friends, and my amazing doctor Rami Joseph Elkhechen for getting me to where I am now. My friends at Juvent Sports for their amazing machine, speeding up bone growth. I truly was given a second chance at life.

It is a great gesture to be on a billboard, the truth is it should be thousands of other faces as St. Mary’s Medical Center saves so many people everyday; I am just one of the many to be thankful for their miracles.

Thank you The Palm Beach Post for the kind article.…/new-…/4SPHSx71ulAqu4ZsuW3fpI/

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