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Mission, History and Values

Juvent Sports’ Mission

You deserve the best from your body, whether you’re an active athlete or a weekend warrior looking to stay healthy. At Juvent Sports, we believe everyone should reap the benefits of the latest medical science. We envision a future where athletes and average folks alike enjoy stronger muscles and bones, reduced joint pain, and enhanced stability through passive micro-impact exercise.

Juvent Sports’ History

Juvent Sports was founded and led by Jack Ryaby, renowned medical device pioneer and expert in bone growth stimulation. While exploring ways to strengthen particular bone areas, he discovered Juvent’s amazing technology—and was astonished to find that it demonstrated significant benefits throughout the entire body.

After assembling his expert team of experts from his earlier bone growth successes and millions in research and development funds, Juvent was born. Now the subject of numerous studies and clinical trials that confirm the amazing medical benefits, the Juvent Pro Micro-Impact Platform™ has won the support of clinicians and consumers, from sports legends like Ray Lewis and David Leadbetter, to thousands of everyday users seeking a safer, easier, and more effective way to rejuvenate and reinforce their bodies.

Juvent Sports’ Values

At Juvent Sports, we take pride in supporting our partners and users. As the only non-pharmaceutical member on the advisory board of the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), we offer a non-invasive way to promote bone health and relieve pain without significant side effects. We’re also proud to be the official partner and provider of micro-impact equipment for the NFL Alumni Association (NFLAA).™

All Juvent products are made and manufactured in the USA.