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      Clinically Proven. Doctor Reccomended. Safe, Effective & Convenient

      The Juvent Difference: Perfectly Suited to Your Body

      No two athletes are exactly alike. That's why only Juvent utilizes patented,proprietary technology to calibrate the Micro-Impact frequency precisely for your unique body composition. This intelligent adjustment mechanism maximizes the impact and effectiveness of your Juvent session; when you get the most out of Juvent, you get the most out of your body.


      More Energy. Better Recovery. Less Pain

      More Energy, Better Recovery and Less Pain

      You don't let anything slow you down especially when it comes to getting the most from your body. The Juvent Sports Micro-Impact Platform helps you be your best. This revolutionary device, based on the medical science of Low-Magnitude Mechanical Stimulation (LMMS), offers an easy, effortless way to recover faster after intense workouts, relieve nagging joint pain, and feel more energized.

      All it takes is 10 to 20 minutes of standing on the Juvent Health Platform a few days a week. The Juvent sends a small but significant stimulation up from your feet, extending across your legs, torso, and upper body.

      These pleasant Micro-Impacts:

      • activate your quick-twitch muscles
      • promote circulation
      • help you warm up and cool down,
      • ease achy joints
      • enhance athletic performance

      That's the Juvent Pro at work.


      Endorsed by Professional Athletes

      From golf legends and football stars, to tennis players and more, Juvent Sports helps all athletes recover faster and perform better.

      NFL star and Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis uses Juvent to address the wear and tear on his body, heal muscles faster, and feel more energetic and explosive. Likewise, world-class golf instructor David Leadbetter uses Juvent and recommends it to students to improve balance, reduce back pain, and up their golf game.

      Mike Bryan, the world’s #1 ranked doubles tennis player, credits the Juvent Pro with relieving his knee pain and making him feel “stronger, more balanced, and more stable — and that’s led to big results on the court.” Active NFL center Eric Wood also integrates the Juvent Pro into his daily routine for both recovery and pain relief.

      Those who support professional athletes’ health swear by the Juvent Pro, too: Both Chris Noss, PGA trainer, and Pete Draovitch, elite trainer and physical therapist who has worked with All-Star baseball players and PGA greats, has seen the Juvent Pro make a difference in pain reduction, post-workout recovery, and in-game performance.

      But it’s not just famous athletes who back Juvent — the breakthrough device is also supported by the latest medical science. An FDA Class I medical device, Juvent uses LMMS technology, which studies have shown to enhance strength and power in trained athletes. In fact, over 90 peer-reviewed publications and 20 clinical studies corroborate the restorative effects of Juvent’s stimulation.

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