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  • Less joint and arthritis pain
  • Renewed energy
  • Improved circulation and balance
  • Healthy aging
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The safest and most clinically proven Micro-Impact Platform™ in the world.

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The Juvent Difference: Safe, Effective and Convenient

Juvent’s patented platform is unique and not to be confused with Whole Body Vibration.  Whole Body Vibration platforms crudely shake and jar your body in many directions with dangerous levels* of energy and frequencies.  Juvent, however, uses a patented Micro-Impact (0.3 g’s) calibrated to your body’s own unique resonant frequency (a safe 32-37Hz).  Our patented software determines your body’s composition (which includes bone density, hydration, muscle, fat ) and calibrates the gentle energy waves to the optimal resonant frequency.  This is the secret behind Juvent’s unique ability to use safe levels of energy but still be effective.
*(1 to 12 g’s and 2Hz-1,000Hz)

Remember, in medicine, the right dose is important.  More is rarely better.

Recognized Within the Medical Science Community

The Juvent Platform is not a toy or poorly built import, but a U.S. made, commercial grade, FDA Class I medical device.  So safe it is available without a prescription.  Precision manufactured with aircraft aluminum and calibrated to within 10,000th of an inch!  Its technology driven by decades of research on low-magnitude mechanical stimulation (LMMS).  Over 60 peer-reviewed publications and 20 clinical studies confirm the incredible benefits of LMMS.

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Juvent User Testimonial 1

This Juvent device is definitely helping my body. It’s easy to use, gentle and relaxing…

– T.M., Ireland

Juvent User Testimonial 1

Finally getting back to you about the platform. It is working well. Seems to have an interesting side effect. My arthritic neck is feeling so much better and it takes a lot more provocation to aggravate it. The muscles around my neck do not seem to tense up like they used to – so I am very happy about that.

– H.W.C., USA

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